Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting Started

Hey, this is Grace of Me You and the Sky blog!
I'm starting a Herb Garden in an area of my backyard and I decided that I would blog about it. So basically today while my brother and father were tearing out the rest of the kitchen - we're remodeling that! - my mother came across a book called The Complete Book of Herbs: A practical guide to growing & using herbs by Lesley Bremness. While flipping through the pages of this hard-back encyclopedia-like book, I saw quite a few designs that I liked and I'm currently considering to use in a part of the backyard.
This is the beginning of a new journey I am going on, a journey to prove to my doubting brother, as well as to myself, that I can design and create a herb garden and keep it healthy for as long as possible. With all the resources that I have online, I've decided to document my journey on this blog. I will also put pictures up as the garden develops.
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